1 on 1 sessions

I’ve experienced it as very valuable and I still do. It still works, something has changed in my trust in myself and what is possible. The questions fired with respect have made a big contribution to that! Jacob is calm, full of knowledge, self-assured, clear, full of respect while being together. Humour was also a present factor that made it the more than 3 hours fly by, and I, to him but above all to myself dared to be so open and free to be!

Anna – 33 years old – Coach – Oisterwijk


During the session with you, I experienced you as supportive, open, involved, judgmental, respectful and sweet. Full of soft energy you kept asking questions that helped me make a plan. I became cheerful of the overview in my life that your strategy brought and now I have a clear step-by-step plan, with which I can get started on. In addition, I now have insight into who can help me with this and that stimulates me. You have inspired me and I want to recommend this to everyone.

Inge – 45 years old – entrepreneur – Tilburg


I feel safe to get closer to the core of the dreams that are relevant now and what I want to work on now. This requires me to be open and sincere. Which I found exciting at the beginning because I’m sharing something very close to me. I feel vulnerable, but don’t experience this as annoying or negative. There is a lot of attention, and someone sitting opposite me is listening and asking. It gives me space to look and tell about what I want in the future. And, Jacob doesn’t settle for half-answers. There’s a lot to sink in and think about. I am very grateful that, despite my resistance, I entered this session. I could superficially say that we’ve worked on my self-confidence. But it goes deeper than that. It ensures that my (life) purpose will be anchored in my soul in a good way.

Ellis – 28 years old – Artist – Tilburg


What you’ve specifically done is…

– You’ve been asking questions, inviting me to talk.

– You then got a focus out of it, zoomed in and worked on it, made it more concrete, got an image of my target group.

– You gave me an assignment.

I found you relaxed, which made me feel invited to walk with you.

I found you calm, so I felt space to keep my attention on myself, my process.

I found you ‘without judgment’, which made me feel safe to share my thoughts, considerations (and my qualities) with you.

I found you observant, which made me feel taken seriously and made me feel seen.

I found you ‘without (unwanted) solutions’, which made me feel strengthened in the solutions and ideas I came up with myself.

I found your light, through which I also recognized myself.

Emmy – 29 years old – Coach – Eindhoven


Mindset, that’s the whole story. (Actually) the story of your life, the story of your mind’s journey, the story of achieving your goal, your ‘Ever’. I’ve found new energy and I’m taking steps now. Thank you for this positive and unique experience.

Sander – 30 years old entrepreneur – Luzern, Switzerland

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