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The online workshop Life Design is rated with an average rating of 8.3. Below is a selection of the findings of these participants. 

Life Design helps me to make choices by providing handles in all kinds of ways. This allows me to continue with things that I am currently leaving behind. What I remember most about this online session is a positive energy that was there. Jacob has a very personal and pleasant approach and he has respect for the answers I gave. What I am going to do as a result of this workshop is to think about my goals and to achieve them. This workshop summarized in one sentence: A very pleasant and meaningful experience, through which you increase your vision.

Jelle – 21 years old – Assistant Purchase Manager – Breda


The reason I followed an online workshop is that I want to create peace and control for myself. And I succeeded! At the and of the workshop I felt motivated and relieved. I want to start taking steps right away. And that’s because in 90 minutes I learned how to make goals for myself. And how I can make these goals small and concrete to execute them. Life design is the mapping of activities that influence your life. The workshop has given me insight to not let myself be held back by my goals, just to see what others think of them. This online workshop is a powerful innovative look at the layout of your life and how you can take care of it.

Britt – 21 years old – Events employee – Schijndel


The online workshop Life Design is interesting and offers a lot of clarity and insight in a short period, making it easier to make choices and say no. The offer is robust, short and interesting and challenges you to stay close to yourself, which is nice in the end. The reason that Life Design helps me is that I get a clearer insight for myself to do what is good for me. Through positive selfishness, I have been paying attention to find out what is important to me and in which way.

Madelon – 52 years old – psychologist – Drimmelen


Before the start of the online workshop, I felt curious, but also a bit tense. Would it be something for me? I spend a lot of time in my head and am busy with so many things at the same time. I would like to have more structure so I can create more peace for myself. What Life Design means to me is getting clear what your goal is so that you can focus on that and make your choices. Time flew by. It has a certain structure that works nicely. Creating a clearer goal so you can make better choices and thus make a structure for yourself. After I participated in the workshop I felt calmer, positive and determined. If you are looking for the way to your goal, you learn to find it by participating in this workshop.

Anita – 40 years old – operational manager – Rotterdam


For me, Life Design means living from your power. And it offers me insight onto the aspects of life and learning to divide time and energy so that I feel free and calm. This online workshop offers insights, clarity and thought material fin order to determine my route in my timeframe through small actions.

Suzan – 60 years old – self-employed entrepreneur – Breda


Life Design teaches me what I find important in my life and how to make choices and take actions (or to say no to others). It gives me insights into what I find important in my life and to what extent I find that important. And because of that, I know that you have to do something to shape your ideal life. The offer of an online workshop Life Design is good for everyone to do this once in a while. Whether you have a ‘problem’ or not. It provides useful awareness moments and practical small steps that can be taken.

Maarten – 52 years old – HR advisor – Breda


Beautiful, good, nice. A relaxed way to get to work with (the contents of) your life.

Jos – 40 years old – Marketeer – Antwerp – Belgium


This way of giving workshops is as good as in real life, clear and full of enthusiasm, with patience and the right energy.

Esmeralda – 44 years old – Time manager for entrepreneurs – Waalwijk


It was a nice insightful workshop, which gives you a real first introduction to the 12 segments and a hint of what you could achieve with them. It is accessible, you decide for yourself what you want to share or not, you learn from what others say/bear. Jacob is an enthusiastic and open personality. He is a person you can tell your story to. It has taught me, again, that changes are made in small steps and you really can’t start at 100. Your journey is personal and you set the pace.

Ineke – 32 years old – office employee – Maastricht


What stayed with me most of the session is that online workshop is personal and interactive. The offer I found a nice twist in coaching and made me feel energetic afterwards. Very rewarding, much more personal than most of the other online workshops I attended.

Naomie – 28 years old – technology company employee – Tilburg

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