What is Life Design

Life Design is positive selfishness. All the elements in life that are important to you are perfectly attuned to each other. Just the way you want it.

You are looking for inspiration, insight and especially practical tools to find the right match for you between ‘making a life’ and ‘making a living’.

To know and feel what all aspects of life mean to you and live it.

Life Design teaches you to choose and act, so the result contributes to what is ‘exactly right’ for you.

It is a method to learn to shape your own life. A way to stand still, to become aware of what you think, do and feel. And learn to execute that.

It is a method that consists of 1 life circle, 4 frames and twelve segments, to shape your own life from positive egoism. To make choices through which you live your life with direction, peace and energy.

Life Design consists of 1 life circle, 4 frames & 12 segments.

The four frames are:
1. Personal: your development on an energetic, emotional, cognitive and physical level.
2. Private: the time you spend with others.
3. What: practical matters.
4. Action: the things you do.

The segments (life aspects) are:
Body, Food & Head.
Intimacy, Relationship & Community.
Items, Time & Money.
Relaxation, Happiness & Work.

Life Design is all about positive selfishness. You determine what each segment means to you, what the value of the segment means to you and what the impact of that segment on your life may be.

Life Design teaches you to fine-tune these segments so that it fits exactly the way you want it.

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