Who is Life Design for

For that person who wants to learn to make choices, see insights, recognize possibilities and above all practical tools to find the right alignment between ‘making a life’ and ‘making a living’!

Your head and your heart are filled. With ideas, feelings, thoughts, plans and wishes. You will stay with us for a while and according to the manual of life, you can ‘check off’ several things. Settle down and start a family. Or not. Does that maintain the frustration or the wish? Only how can you do that? You know, but you don’t dare. What you think and feel doesn’t coincide with what you do. Nor the other way around. With all the mental and/or physical consequences. Not to mention how to divide the time between your partner, family and friends. To give them the attention they deserve. Let alone time and attention for yourself, emotionally, energetically, physically and cognitively. You will balance between what you think and feel. The things you do, do they match?

What if you use direction, peace and energy to shape your own life.

And actually, live in it?

Life Design is there for you if you want to learn to make choices.

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